Monday, 23 October 2017

Lady Calls Out Davido’s HypeMan For Allegedly Sleeping With Her And Not Fulfilling His Promise Of A Car

Why will women like this keep coming to embarrass womanhood? Why would someone with sense come out in the public to wash her dirty linen? I am seriously not understanding.

So now her village people will be clapping for her for being smart eh?
Now she has shown the world her stupidity, will the car come?
On the other hand, if this is actually true then SPESH, YOU NO TRYYY!
You promised a lady a car just to blow her?
Were you that horny that your hormones controlled your mouth?
Bros, you just failed the whole beard gang community.. You have failed them!
she even insulted your “gwandu”
How many cars do you even have on your own?
So this drama occurred between one certain blessing226917(imagine username) and specialspesh
See the image of the conversation below

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