Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Photos: President Of The Nigerian Students Union In Bangalore, India, Racially Attacked And Arrested (Video)

On Sunday, October, 23, 2017, Preye, the president of the Nigerian Students Union in Bangalore was attacked by three Indians at a shop where he had gone to buy cake, now Nigerian students in the area are accusing the Indian police of trying to shift blame and cover up the incident.

According to an eyewitness, “Preye went to buy a cake for his friend’s birthday. After ordering the cake, he bought a juice and kept it on a table while waiting for the cake to be designed.
Three Indians stepped into the pastry shop and threw away his juice. He questioned them and they slapped him. When he asked why they slapped him, they began to use swear words on him and later one of them held him and another broke a bottle on his head and the third guy did the same. .
He retaliated and they all descended on him. People around the area went to buy pepper spray and sprayed his eyes with it. His friends later came to pick him and the cake up and saw the scene, so they tried to stop them and they too were pepper sprayed.
The president then got a little space to run for his life and they mobbed one of his friends while the others ran. Right now the police is blaming the president for the mob attack.” The students are however demanding justice.
Watch Video Here

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