Wednesday, 4 October 2017


Good day Ma. Pls help me  write this but pls don't  mention my name,
 I travelled to Le Meriden Hotel Ibom Resort Akwa IBom State last weekend with my friend Amanda. 

She wanted us to go see her friend that visits from kano to play golf , he sent her money for cab and they were even communicating on our way to Uyo but while we got to the hotel he refused to pick his call to tell us his room number or if at all he booked a room for me separately as he promised  my friend, we called his number but he wasn't still picking, after 3 hours a cute black man with white beard walked up to us at the lobby that he noticed that we have been here for a while with our baggages and it's almost so he asked and we explained our predicaments to him, out of sympathy he offered us a room for one night but we will all sleep in the room the three of us so we agreed, we got there ordered for food and wine as he consented so we slept   till next day he gave us 25k each and extra 10k for our cab fair but my friend stole his watch from the wardrobe and since last Saturday  that we got back from Uyo my friend has noticed strange spots like chiken pores all over her body, ears and hidden parts so we suspected the watch that she stole, we called her family doctor who started treatment  on Monday morning  till wenesday no improvement, my elder sister gave us a doctors  number here in Awka the doctor has done all he could yet nothing has changed so I went back to the hotel yesterday to asked of the name he gave us Raul Kingston but they said no such person lodged there last weekend I described him but yet no one seems to remember him so I brought the watch back  to Awka , I'm really scared if same thing might infect me, so someone I met on Facebook wants to take us to T.B Joshua on Tuesday in Lagos, the fear of the situation made me to confined  in you just share it with others they might have a positive suggestions.

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