Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Unknown Facts About Davido’s Three Babymamas Revealed (With Pictures)

You just can’t get enough of this drama, can you? It has been so long since anything major happened in Davido’s personal life that you just feel this need to revisit the old juicy stories. Well, that is why we are here. Once again, we bring you the Davido baby mama saga with all the details.

Find out everything about Davido’s personal life here. We probably do not have to tell you who Davido is. If you are reading this, you are already invested in his life story. Therefore, we will not waste time on retelling his biography for the millionth time. All you need to know is that he was born on November 21, 1992 and that he is a famous Nigerian musician.
His worldwide fame attracted a lot of women. Today, however, we will tell you about the most famous three. These ladies managed to get their own shot at stardom my giving birth to Davido’s children. And if you have been following Davido for a while, you probably know what is coming next.

Chapter 1. Sophie Momodu and the first Davido baby

The feud between Sophie Momodu and Davido was the top story on all of the gossip websites of Nigeria back in 2015. There is probably no one who has not heard every little detail of each of their fights. However, we will still recap it for those who are new to the Davido baby mama scene.
But guess what:
Davido turned out to be old enough to get Sophie pregnant. In May, 2015, she gave birth to Aurora Imade Adeleke. Things got only worse from there. At first, Davido denied his fatherhood altogether. Then, when the DNA test proved him wrong, he accused Sophie of being a terrible mother and illegally took the child to another country.
For almost a year, Sophie tried to get her daughter back and to disprove the allegations that she had been smoking pot while breastfeeding. Only after involving her uncle Dele Momodu, the CEO of Ovation, she was able to get her child back.
Today, it might seem like all that has never happened. Only two years ago, Davido slandered Sophie’s name all over his social media. Now, the two are best friends. Imade is living with her mother, but her father visits her often, when he is off tour.

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