Saturday, 18 August 2018


The Chief of native doctors, Chief Kayode Idowu Esulek, talks about the reality of money ritual in Nigeria and give details of the different kind of money rituals there are.

We’ve all heard so many stories about money rituals and while some of us believe these stories, others just wave them off as being myths; just stories that some bored minds somewhere thought up to scare the 21st  generation.

Are these stories true? Are they not?

Well, 78 years old Chief Kayode Idowu Esuleke, Baale Esu of Agbojeniyi of Oshogbo has just affirmed that money ritual is in fact TRUE. Hear that, people? All those stories you’ve all heard are all TRUE, TRUE, TRUE.

In his words precisely, “…there is money ritual. There is ritual for long life. There ritual for moving forward in business and other endeavors. There are ways these rituals are done.”

According to him, these money ritualist are impatient and “always in a hurry to make it and at the end of the day they will face consequences”. He said he was born into the profession and he had a normal childhood until 1985, when his father died and he had to take over the profession. He didn’t enter into the profession accidently as he was born into it and knows it absolutely well.

When asked about the different types of money rituals, he said,
“There’s one called OSOLE, OSO GBIGBONA (Hot money ritual), OSO TUTU (Cold money ritual), ARUWE-ITAJA (Success in Business ritual)”

”Every Ritual has his repercussion”, he said. And some Nigerian youths, because of their insatiable desires to own fancy cars and huge mansions, couldn’t care less about these repercussions. Some even go as far as digging out corpses from graves to get this money popping.

He mentioned that unlike the rituals for success on businesses, rituals that involves the use of human parts have deadly repercussions and those who get involved in it end up barking like dogs till death and will die shamefully.

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