Saturday, 25 August 2018


One 36-year-old Ayinde was shot by his police friend, Ola SARS, during a party organized by the youth leaders of the community of  Adiyan, in Ogun State.The event was organized by the father of one Azeez Terror.

 During the heat of the celebration at 7pm, Ola SARS after taking a lot more alcohol than he could handle, brought out his gun to shot bullets into the air.

He was said to have shot into the air intermittently and refused to yield to cautions by other guests. He wanted to pull the stunt again when a bullet struck Ayinde in the chest.

A resident, who gave his name only as Bidemi, told our correspondent on Friday that some youths of the community staged a protest which caused pandemonium in the neighbourhood, adding that it took the intervention of the police to restore normalcy.

He said,

“It was Azeez Terror’s father that organised the party to celebrate Sallah. It is a yearly event. The youth leader invited his friends including Ola SARS and Ayinde. I learnt Ola SARS works in Abuja. The party commenced in the afternoon and there was no issue until around 7pm.

 “He started shooting into the air after he became drunk. Nobody provoked him. As he wanted to fire another shot into the air, he misfired and shot Ayinde in the chest. He bled profusely and was rushed to the hospital. He died shortly afterwards.

 “As I speak with you, Azeez Terror, his father and the killer policeman are still at large. It was very sad. The deceased was an estate agent and had two kids. His wife has been inconsolable since yesterday (Thursday).”

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