Monday, 20 August 2018


After news about a female soldier who brutalized her niece got to the 81 division of the Nigerian army in Lagos on Monday, an intensive investigation was carried out to affirm the credibility of the accusation.

The investigation, according to a statement issued by the Division’s spokesperson, Lt.-Col. Olaolu Daudu, was borne out of a social media report on Aug. 19 where a female soldier, name yet unknown, was accused of brutalizing her little niece.

“The attention of the Division has been drawn to social media reports published on Sunday, Aug. 19, where a female soldier was accused of brutalizing her little niece for allegedly not washing plates.

“While the incident was cruel smacks respect for human dignity which the Nigerian Army totally frowns at as it is unfortunate.

“Nevertheless, an investigation in to the matter has been launched by the Nigerian Army Human Rights Desk of 81 Division.

“This is also in conjunction with the National Human Right Commission, South-West Zone to ascertain the level of culpability or otherwise of the accused personnel for appropriate sanctions,” Daudu said.

Daudu said the 81 Division’s General Officer Commanding, Maj.-Gen. Musa Yusuf reassured the public of its uncompromising professional disposition to all forms of illegitimate acts.

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