Wednesday, 22 August 2018


It's no news that after the death of Afrika, a student union activist, and five other students on July 10, 1999, the school took strict precautions to prevent cultism in the school's environment.

 Just recently, the university management initiated an investigation, after receiving news that some of her students were involved in cultist activities. After intervention by the police, six of the students were said to have confessed to being members of different secret cult groups.

Margaret Omisule, the university registrar, has affirmed the indefinite suspension of six students, Onyekwusi Praise and Udeh John from the department of arts and social science education; Oladoye Oluwatobi, Ayeyi Damilola and Davis Jesulayomi of English department; and Ojo Abiodun, a student of microbiology, who got themselves involved with cultist activities.

“After the investigation of the suspected students by the police, the university received a detailed report of the Police findings on the case on August 20, 2018, wherein it was confirmed that six (6) of the arrested students of the university had admitted their membership of proscribed groups.

In view of the university’s zero tolerance for cultism and in accordance with relevant statutes, the students have been suspended pending investigations by the appropriate students’ disciplinary committee.

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