Monday, 27 August 2018


Nine months after her daughter got pregnant, a Kenyan lady, Colletha Kasumba, couldn't hold her rage when she found out the father of her grand child was her husband.

Sister-in-law to kasumba, Everlyne Isavywa, said that, she collapsed on learning her husband who is HIV-positive, had not only impregnated their daughter but also infected her with the virus.

“People thought she was dead since she was unconscious for over nine hours. We were planning for her burial but we were shocked when she woke up at about 1am and started shouting that the husband has finished her."

“The woman gave birth to twins but the husband killed them. He also infected the woman with HIV and now has infected her daughter and impregnated her. The occurrences made the woman go mad as she was too stressed.”

Reports show that Their daughter has not only given birth to a baby boy who resembles the father, but has also been infected by the viral HIV virus.

The husband still works free as the accusation hasn't been confirmed by court.

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