Monday, 3 September 2018


The family of a 27-year-old undergraduate student of the Lagos State Polytechnic, Abraham Enebeli, has demanded justice after he was allegedly stabbed by a soldier.

It was gathered that the military official, identified as Daniel Martins, allegedly broke a bottle and stabbed Abraham in the neck during an argument between the two.

Abraham’s brother, Paul Enebeli, mentioned that  Martins was hired by one Chukwudi. He said:

“Trouble started early August when Abraham owed Chukwudi about N150,000. 

"Abraham said some people defrauded him; but Chukwudi brought six uniformed army officers to our house.

“My brother was beaten up, my mum was injured and they attempted to take one of my brothers away. Some guys intercepted them. They threatened to keep coming back until my brother paid the money.

“There was an agreement among Abraham, my elder brother, the soldiers and Chukwudi that since they injured a lot of people in the process of getting the money back, the money would not be paid back in full. They agreed that my brother would pay N85,000.

“However, one of the soldiers kept harassing my brother. Yesterday (Saturday), the soldier was on a motorcycle with another friend, who knew my brother.

“My brother and that friend greeted each other. The soldier called my brother, but he refused to answer. That got him infuriated. He got off his motorcycle and pushed my brother.

“There was a heated argument between them and the next thing he did was to pick a bottle. He broke it and stabbed my brother in the neck. Immediately, he sped off on the motorcycle.”

When confronted, Chukwudi he denied sending the soldier to Abraham, adding that the said money belonged to the military official.

The Army Public Relations Officer, 81 Division, Lt. Col. Olaolu Daudu, has promised to investigate the incident.

He said,

“Whether the suspect is an impersonator or not, his action has indicted the military one way or the other. There is the need to make investigations to clear things up. Also, if he is an impostor, he will be arrested and handed over to the police, who will carry out investigations. But if he is a military man, he will be dealt with and later handed over to the police because it is a civil matter.”

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