Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Ebizimor wikimor from Bomadi LGA in delta state has said it all.

In a statement, addressing the youths of the state, he mentioned how important it was for everyone to step up and vote for the candidates they support.

He said:
"The political process does not end on the election day, the youths need to stay involve in process, and hold their leaders and representatives accountable for any decisions they make, The people of delta state and most especially Bomadi LGA should vote for the right candidate and not the party, gone are those days," says Ebizimor wikimor from Bomadi LGA in Delta state.

"It is time for the youths and good people of delta state mostly Bomadi local government area, to vote wisely, they should look very well, go through profiles, make sure he/she has the connection with the people, who has the people progress and development at heart, he/she who know their wants and needs, and someone who they can access after assuming office. I believe we should vote for the man who promises less, he/she will be the least disappointing."

"Lastly the only sure way in participating in the process of transforming DELTA STATE and Bomadi LGA is to come out and vote on the Election Day….your PVC is your right…get yours now.  Political parties all in the name of ruling party will project any body and for the sake of the party everyone will just vote for him…"

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